Kaonmedia in pact with Verimatrix to offer enhanced over-the-top TV experience to Etisalat users

Telecom Lead Middle East: Kaonmedia, a provider of
digital set top-boxes, and Verimatrix, a provider of multi-screen digital TV
services solutions, announced a partnership to offer over-the-top (OTT) TV
experience for the Etisalat OnWeb service.


They developed a new Android smart pay-TV solution,
featuring Kaonmedia’s Android-based SmartCube/TV+ consumer devices with digital
TV revenue security from Verimatrix and Video Content Authority System (VCAS)
for Internet TV.


The joint solution has already been deployed as a key
component of Etisalat’s OTT services in the United Arab Emirates.


Etisalat OnWeb service users will have benefit from a
secure broadcast television quality solution. The hybrid set-top-box (STB)
version SmartTV+ is also optimized for DVB services in addition to OTT,
providing for a unified TV experience.


“Leveraging their VCAS technology will help us
deliver the highest-quality OTT TV experience to our growing base of joint
customers,” said Hwa-seop Lim, establisher and chief executive officer,


Etisalat has deployed Kaon and Verimatrix’s Android smart
pay TV solution to enhance OnWeb service, which is part of eLife, the company’s
brand for residential triple-play services that include fixed line voice,
mobile, broadband and IPTV.


The solution is currently being deployed with additional


“As the Internet TV marketplace matures, offering
the highest quality consumer experience is becoming an increasingly important
competitive differentiator. We are delighted to provide revenue and content
security for Kaonmedia’s innovative SmartTV + solution, and to help them
achieve their vision of providing operators around the globe with cutting-edge
convergence technology for digital multimedia,” said Steve Oetegenn, chief
sales and marketing officer, Verimatrix.


Chunghwa Telecom selects Verimatrix and Ericsson for IPTV


Recently, Verimatrix announced that its Video Content
Authority (VCAS) 3 solutions have been selected for the IPTV and
multi-screen upgrade at Chunghwa Telecom. Chunghwa has also selected Ericsson
to lead the deployment of this upgrade, with Verimatrix solutions addressing
all aspects of content protection and revenue security for the project.


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