Keysight intros Ethernet performance test platform

Keysight Technologies has launched the AresONE-M 800GE, a Layer 1-3 Ethernet performance test platform, supporting data center interconnect speeds from 10GE to 800GE.
Keysight AresONE-M 800GEKeysight AresONE-M 800GE delivers the Layer 1-3 Ethernet networking and infrastructure test solution supporting the DCI speeds from 10GE to 800GE in a single platform. AresONE-M 800GE enables design engineers and data center operators to validate networking equipment interoperability and bandwidth performance while supporting the transition to 400GE and 800GE networks with the capability to also test slower, legacy Ethernet speeds.

Keysight said the AresONE-M 800GE uses an integrated physical layer Digital Signal Processor (DSP) from Credo Technology Group for fast and efficient data transfer with low latency that enables data transit requirements of hyperscalers, enterprises, 5G carriers, and service providers. The Credo chip also optimizes power consumption to reduce operational costs, minimize heat dissipation, and meet energy-efficient standards for advanced networks.