Keysight Technologies @ Mobile World Congress 2023

Keysight Technologies said it will present its latest testing solutions at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona.
Keysight 5G testing solutionsKeysight Technologies also announced enhanced 5G network visibility solutions through the Keysight Vision X Network Packet Broker (NPB), enabling mobile service providers to improve service quality monitoring while reducing their service assurance costs.

Scott Bryden, Vice President of Keysight’s Operators Industry Solutions Group said: “5G mobile network operators are facing an unprecedented data explosion. Our enhanced 5G platform provides mobile operators with the visibility and control they need to lower costs and gain a competitive advantage while delivering improved quality of experience to subscribers.”

Keysight @ MWC

RedCap (Reduced Capability) 5G is a new optimized design for mid-tier use cases. Keysight’s IoT security solution combined with 5G network emulator optimized for RedCap testing will demonstrate advanced security testing on a realistic RedCap network.

Keysight’s NTN testbed demonstration will apply timing and Doppler pre-compensation, use extended hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ), and measure device-under-test block error ratio (BLER) and throughput.

Keysight will test a 5G-connected HoloLens augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) device user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). The device connects to a 5G Network Emulation Platform to validate application scenarios.

Keysight will demonstrate how to run radio frequency (RF) and protocol tests to on-board unit (OBU) and road-side unit (RSU) certification for dedicated short-range communications (DSRC). The 5G Network Emulation Platform and C-V2X toolchain will create a complex scenario with congestion testing.

Keysight and Analog Devices partner to showcase automated radio unit (RU) energy efficiency benchmarks and highlight gains using advanced energy saving mechanisms. Keysight will also demonstrate its O-RAN energy saving solution, which can reduce power consumption in a multi-vendor, cloudified ORAN system using intelligent control, telemetry, and power management features.

Keysight will showcases how to test downlink and uplink instantly, single-user and multi-user massive MIMO RF beam shape / weight measurements, or specific RF parametric measurements on multiple TR radios. Keysight will also demonstrate how to analyze the 5G New Radio (NR) air interface, including fronthaul signals and traffic in detail using WaveJudge.

Keysight will demonstrate how to validate and diagnose 5G private networks, using a combination of Keysight solutions such as the new Nemo industry probe for active monitoring of Industry 4.0, FieldFox analyzer with its wide frequency and bandwidth coverage for field testing and site acceptance, and WaveJudge Wireless Analyzer for full-stack audit of the air interface.

Frequency bands above 100GHz open new possibilities to deploy extreme data-rate communications and sensing. This demo showcases unprecedented bandwidth, data rate, and error vector magnitude (EVM) capability at 142GHz. Developed specifically for 6G, this technology and measurement science allows researchers to know exactly what is happening in their innovative designs.