KVH provides mini-VSAT Broadband to NYK for containerships

Telecom Lead Asia: KVH Industries is providing its
TracPhone V7 satellite communications system to
Tokyo-based Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK Line) for their containerships.


The selection was made after conducting extensive onboard
tests of maritime communications systems.


The maritime communications systems of NYK will use KVH’s
global mini-VSAT Broadbandsmservice, which is being provided by KVH’s
partner, SKY Perfect JSAT, under the OceanBB brand name.


“NYK’s IBIS project, which helps improve the
operation of their ships and reduce CO2emissions, requires delivering real-time
weather and sea current forecasts to the ship and automatically sending ship
operation data back to shore for ongoing analysis,” said Brent C. Bruun, senior
vice president of global sales and business development at KVH.


KVH said that the improved connectivity provided by its
mini-VSAT Broadband service will allow for greater information sharing and
collaboration between NYK employees on vessels and shore, increasing both
safety and efficiency.


KVH claims that the mini-VSAT Broadband is the world’s
fastest growing, most popular maritime VSAT solution with more than 2,000
onboard terminals sold.


NYK’s network also uses ArcLight spread spectrum
technology, which was developed by KVH’s partner, ViaSat.  ArcLight can be
reused for satellite channels, fast speed, low latency.


“The market for mini-VSAT Broadband is expanding
rapidly in the Asia-Pacific region as leading companies like NYK realize the
benefits of onboard broadband. We expect that many major commercial fleets will
follow this example, and look forward to working with our local partners to
provide outstanding customer support for key solutions such as NYK’s IBIS project,”
Bruun added.


KVH announces 3-month free airtime for mini-VSAT

Last year, KVH announced a scheme to offer three months
of free airtime to help Inmarsat subscribers switch to mini-VSAT broadband


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