LEACO selects Exalt for backhaul network transition to All-IP

Telecom Lead Latin America: Exalt Communications
announced that LEACO, a rural telecommunications and high-speed Internet
provider serving southeastern New Mexico, has deployed
Exalt microwave backhaul systems to upgrade its infrastructure to an
all IP-based network.


The company said that a mix of its licensed and
license-exempt microwave systems is helping LEACO upgrade its network in a
highly flexible and cost-effective manner.


LEACO deployed Exalt EX-Series 5 and 6 GHz, and
ExploreAir 11 GHz microwave systems. LEACO provides wireless cellular, Wi-Fi,
paging, local and long distance telephone services, wired dial-up, DSL, and
high-speed Internet services via a fiber optic ring.


“The requirements necessary not only to compete, but
to transform and thrive in the telecommunications industry, have changed
significantly since LEACO was founded almost 60 years ago,” said Amir
Zoufonoun, president and CEO of Exalt Communications.


Currently in the process of deploying an infrastructure
to support a transition to an all-IP core, LEACO’s requirements have led the
provider to choose microwave backhaul systems from Exalt.


The project is led by LEACO’s Vice President of
Technology and Operations, Eldon Prax, who is a long-time proponent of
Exalt’s highly flexible platform approach to microwave backhaul.


“Being ‘Exalt-powered’ really means something to a
smaller provider like LEACO. At our size and in a highly competitive market, we
require networking solutions and a technology partner that can meet our
ever-changing requirements,” Eldon Prax, vice president of Technology and
Operations at LEACO.


Founded in 1954, LEACO has expanded and transformed its
business to become one of the region’s leading telecommunications providers of
wired and wireless telecommunications and high-speed Internet services to a
population of nearly 175,000 people across an area of 10,000 square miles.


Last year, Exalt Communications announced the launch of its new non-traditional licensed band
microwave systems providing mobile operators and service providers with a means
to escape spectrum saturation in the commonly used long-haul and short-haul
licensed bands. 


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