LightPointe launches new 60 GHz backhaul radio offering active data link between towers

Telecom Lead America: LightPointe has launched new 60 GHz backhaul radio.

The AireBeam G60-DP includes DualPath Always-On technology which utilizes multiple radios and frequencies, and determines the best transmission method at any given time.

Compared to 60 GHz point-to-point radios, LightPointe’s solution maintains an active data link between buildings or towers with much higher reliability.

This is critical in the 60 GHz wireless bridge category, since the 60 GHz frequency range is subject to atmospheric oxygen absorption. In the event that the 60 GHz transmission becomes insufficient during such temporary environmental conditions, LightPointe’s new solution switches in real-time to alternative frequencies.

“The new AireBeam G60-DP Series with DualPath Always-On technology provides our carrier and enterprise customers with the benefits of 60 GHz transmission — which is license free in many countries — and also provides availability up to 99.999 percent for reliable, uninterruptable service,” said Heinz Willebrand, president and CEO of LightPointe.

These radios can be deployed in a variety of applications such as connecting office buildings, school campuses, hospital wings, military installations, or providing bandwidth augmentation and small cell backhaul in 4G LTE carrier networks.

In the U.S., The FCC has allocated 7 GHz of un-channelized spectrum for license-free operation between 57 and 64 GHz. This provides sufficient spectrum for multi-gigabit radio frequency bridges.

In addition, LightPointe’s solutions utilize narrow beam antennas, which enables radios to be co-located in close proximity by small angular separations and the use of cross-polarized one and two-foot antennas.

For end-users concerned about signal security, oxygen naturally attenuates 60 GHz signals, which limits the signals ability to travel very far beyond the intended target receiver. This, combined with the pencil beam signal characteristics of 60 GHz, makes such transmissions very secure.

If weather conditions begin to impact 60 GHz transmission, the system switches to a range of all-weather 5 GHz frequencies temporarily. The customer can use an appropriate backup radio/frequency of their choice if desired.

LightPointe recently announced the installation of its AireBeam Z60 system for Continental, one of the world’s largest automotive parts suppliers. The AireBeam Z60 point-to-point bridge operates in the
license-free 59 to 63 GHz frequency range, which is widely available in the DACH region of Germany and many other countries.

Recently, it announced new patented hybrid point-to-point products which integrate free space optics and radio technology, providing up to 99.99 percent availability under all weather conditions.

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