LightPointe unveils hybrid optical-RF wireless Series


LightPointe, a manufacturer of optical wireless bridges
and millimeter wave backhaul solutions, announced new patented hybrid
point-to-point products which integrate free space optics and radio technology,
providing up to 99.999 percent availability under all weather conditions.


The first two solutions in the HyBridge Series are the SX
and SXR-5. Carriers and enterprises can add the SX to existing RF links to
increase bandwidth while protecting their legacy investment, or select the
radio of their choice.


For a turn-key solution, the SXR-5 includes a radio and
antenna. Both systems offer LightPointe’s exclusive Maximized DualPath feature
for longer distances.


“The HyBridge Series utilizes patented DualPath
technology, which automatically switches between optical wireless and radio
transmission for the highest level of system availability,” said Heinz
Willebrand, CEO, LightPointe.


This exclusive technology provides a quantum leap in link
performance, enabling customers to obtain the low latency, Gigabit Ethernet
throughput, enhanced security and license-free advantages of optical
transmission in conjunction with a robust, cost-effective radio.


The system operates at full throttle and the highest efficiency
of any wireless platform in the industry via optical transmission. And when
needed, DualPath switches to the radio, where LightPointe’s adaptive rate
technology achieves the highest performance possible, even in fog and heavy


“Both systems provide advanced features including
POE, flexible network interfaces, web management and SNMP support. Whether
connecting buildings in a large business, hospital or school campus setting, or
deploying backhaul solutions in 4G/LTE Picocell infrastructure, these bridges
provide cost-effective Gigabit connectivity and industry-leading ROI,”
said John Taylor, vice president of sales and marketing for LightPointe.


Recently, LightPointe announced
the installation of its AireBeam Z60 system for Continental, one of the world’s
largest automotive parts suppliers.


The AireBeam Z60 point-to-point bridge operates in the license-free
59 to 63 GHz frequency range, which is widely available in the DACH region of
Germany and many other countries.


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