Liquid Telecom taps Telarix’s iXTools platform and iXLink

Telecom Lead Africa: Liquid Telecom has selected the SaaS version of Telarix’s iXTools platform and B2B exchange service iXLink to automate the management of its international voice traffic operation.

Telarix’s iXTools SaaS enables Liquid Telecom to reduce costs and increase profitability across their interconnect networks.

Liquid Telecom, which has built over 13,000 kilometers of fiber network running from the north of Uganda to Cape Town, will benefit from Telarix’s iXLink, a business exchange.

Liquid Telecom’s customers are mobile network operators, ISPs, financial institutions, and businesses in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa. It supplies wholesale fiber optic, satellite, and connectivity services in Africa.

Telarix, through iXTools and iXLink, will provide Liquid Telecom a real-time view of voice traffic on its network, enabling Liquid to ensure that its customers continue to receive the highest quality voice service with accurate billing across different countries.

“Telarix will help ensure that we meet our own QoS standards as the voice traffic on our network continues to grow. It enables us to focus on both our profitability and the quality of service we are delivering to our customers across Africa,” said Ramzi Shalak, head of International Networks at Liquid Telecom.

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