MACH launches M2M revenue protection solution to reduce fraud losses to M2M players

By Telecom Lead Team: MACH, a provider of cloud-based
managed communication services, has expanded its M Protect Revenue
Protection portfolio with the launch of its new M2M Revenue Protection


The new M2M Revenue Protection Solution is designed to
help M2M service providers reduce losses from fraud and malicious activity on
their networks.


The new solution helps M2M service providers protect
against fraudulent threats, including SIM cloning, call selling, and Denial of
Service attacks, while reducing losses caused by human error.


Fraudulent threats are abundant these days and poses
challenge to M2M service providers’ businesses.


Analysys Mason has forecast that the total number of M2M
connections will grow from 62 million in 2010 to 2.1 billion devices in 2020,
at a 36 per cent year-on-year growth rate.


With such a large market the potential of losses to fraud
and malicious attacks represents a considerable sum of money.


By employing MACH’s M2M Revenue Protection solution
service providers can rest assured that our multi-level protection will
immediately spot any suspicious SIM activity and take action to block the SIM,”
said Joseph George, director product management, fraud & revenue assurance, MACH.


The company said that it has the expertise to analyze
revenue flows to ensure that all services are being billed correctly and that
no fraudulent provisioning has taken place. These services stand to enable
considerable savings for its customers.


MACH’s M2M Revenue Protection Solution protects service
providers by mapping IMSIs to machine ID numbers, providing an alert or SIM
block when a mismatch occurs.


The solution can also check for password cracking
signatures and block SIMs based on the likelihood of a potential hack.


Last month, MACH
announced that its MACH Fraud Management Solution selected by a tier 1 European
telecoms operator to help drive down fraud across its fixed network.


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