MACH’s new Bill Shock Prevention solution to increase mobile data roaming

Telecom Lead Europe: MACH has launched its new Bill Shock Prevention solution designed to increase confidence of mobile data users during roaming.

The company claims that the new solution is designed to encourage better data roaming usage, which results in increased roaming revenues for mobile operators, and enhances overall customer experience and satisfaction.

The solution ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, and helps operators improve revenue assurance by avoiding some of the problems that have been associated with the provision of roaming services such as bill disputes or exposure to debt.

Despite growth in domestic data consumption, 58 percent of consumers – according to recent research MACH conducted with YouGov – continue to switch off 3G connectivity when travelling abroad due to fear of bill shock. This fear hinders operators’ ability to deliver recurrent revenues from roaming – estimated to offer an additional value of up to $900 million globally if such concerns could be alleviated.

“To remove the fear of bill shock and increase confidence in and uptake of data roaming, network operators require granular, real-time insight into data usage. Furthermore, compliance with the latest EU regulation and the GSMA’s recently announced Data Roaming Transparency Initiative will only be achieved by operators that can take proactive steps to ensure customers are notified about their data usage,” said Guy Reiffer, vice president Marketing & Partnerships, MACH.

MACH claims that its Bill Shock Prevention monitors subscriber data roaming usage in real-time and provides alerts. Operators can pre-define usage thresholds that then trigger alerts to the operator and send SMS notifications to subscribers. End-users are able to query data usage when roaming through SMS to gain real-time insight into their current usage levels. In certain cases, operators can block data traffic when consumption reaches particularly high-levels, thereby avoiding the risk of bad debt.

MACH’s M Serve portfolio also comprises its Data Optimization solution, which significantly lowers the cost of delivering data roaming and domestic services to subscribers for mobile network operators and MVNOs.

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