Majority of carriers plan IPv6 in 2011


Though the industry has been talking about IPv6 for over
a decade, it’s finally enjoying a quiet evolution, with 83percent of the
service providers interviewed already deploying IPv6 or planning to by next year,
and all have plans of migrating, according to Infonetics Research.


With IPv4 addresses running out in some places in the
world by 2012, and as many as 15 billion machine-to-machine (M2M) devices
expected to be connected to the Internet by 2015, each needing its own IP
address, IPv6 migration has become a front-and-center issue for carriers.


Our survey also confirms that routers and Carrier
Ethernet switches will be an important part of solving the video traffic
problem, especially for providers with broadband subscribers, as 47 percent of
carriers implementing caching plan to move associated routers and switches
closer to their subscribers,” said Michael Howard, co-founder of Infonetics Research.


The majority of service providers has or plans to add
caching capabilities on or near routers and/or Carrier Ethernet switches to
address network congestion, much of which is caused by exploding video traffic.


The percentage of service providers deploying content
delivery networks (CDNs) is growing from 38 percent this year to 50 percent by


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