Marvell ships 100,000 400G Coherent Digital Signal Processors

Marvell has shipped more than 100,000 400G Coherent Digital Signal Processors (CDSPs), enabling open and standards-based pluggable solutions for cloud and carrier networks.
Marvell 400G Coherent Digital Signal Processors (CDSPs)Marvell’s CDSP portfolio includes Canopus, the industry’s first 7nm CDSP enabling 400G ZR/ZR+, metro and long haul pluggable optical modules, and the Marvell Deneb, an ultra-low power, multi-mode 400G DSP for OpenZR+ and OpenROADM.

Marvell CDSPs offer cloud and carriers the flexibility and performance required to upgrade their networks to meet the increased demand for more bandwidth and expand their addressable market with minimal investment.

The CDSPs enable the advancement of disaggregated optical architectures for operators and accelerate the adoption of IP-over-DWDM for both carrier and DCIs.

“This milestone is a testament to Marvell’s leadership in delivering on our core values of performance innovation at the lowest power to drive mass deployment of 400G coherent pluggables,” said Pranay Aiya, vice president, Product Marketing and Customer Applications Engineering at Marvell.

“Marvell’s abilities as a module vendor, supplier to other 400Gbps module vendors, and direct supplier to equipment manufacturers uniquely positions the company as a leading supplier of 400Gbps-capable pluggable optics,” Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst for Optical Components at Cignal AI, said in a news statement.