Marvell unveils advanced multimode LTE modem chipset with support for TDD standards


Telecom Lead Team:
Marvell, a provider of storage,
communications and consumer silicon solutions, has expanded its communications
processor portfolio with the launch of the Marvell PXA1802, a multimode TD LTE
modem chipset for TD-SCDMA and LTE markets.


The Marvell PXA1802 designed to meet the needs of the
next generation of mobile connectivity and addresses the geographic
fragmentation issues that are hindering the adoption of the TDD


The PXA1802 integrates an advanced next-generation
Time-Division Duplexing (TDD), Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) LTE and Time
Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA) technology onto a
single chip that is fully backward compatible with current China TD-SCDMA standards.


“Today’s connected lifestyle is enabled by
high-performance global cellular networks. I believe Marvell’s market
leadership in China’s 3G TD-SCDMA and our innovations in multimode 4G LTE
solutions will provide us a unique advantage in bringing worldwide consumers
closer together,” said Weili Dai, co-founder of Marvell.


The Marvell’s PXA1802 modem has a thin, flexible and
efficient architecture that allows fast implementation on the latest LTE and
TD-SCDMA terminals with minimal cost.


The PXA1802 supports next-generation LTE standards with
Category 4 150 Megabits-per-Second (Mbps) downlink throughput and Release 8
TD-SCDMA High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA+).


Marvell will be demonstrating its mobile connectivity
solutions at Mobile World Congress 2012 Barcelona.


At recently held CES,
Marvell in conjunction with One Laptop per Child, a non-profit organization
whose mission is to help children gain access to a modern education
demonstrated XO 3.0, a low-cost, low-power, rugged tablet computer designed for


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