Maxim Integrated Products announces new femtocell transceivers

Telecom Lead America: Maxim Integrated Products has
launched its new femtocell transceivers for WCDMA (Bands 1 to 6 and 8 to
10) and cdma2000 (Band Class 0, 1, and 10).


The company said that the amount of data consumed by
smartphones is rising and the increase in data transmission requires more
base-station cell sites to receive and transmit the signals.


With existing base-station cell sites maxed out on
capacity, femtocells are becoming a fast-growing market. Carriers are also
moving to femtocell transceivers that reside in a home or office and
essentially provide an indoor base station to handle the cellular voice and
data needs of an entire dwelling.


The MAX2550 and the MAX2553 transceivers reduce the
number of external components, lower operation and maintenance costs, and
facilitates more compact radio designs for modules and stand-alone femtocell


The existing large macrocells have higher installation
and maintenance costs. In many areas, carriers struggle with space constraints
and city regulations when they need to install more of these macrocell base


The company added that time to market and ease of design
is greatly improved by the MAX2550 and the MAX2553. They have a high level of
compatibility with market-leading baseband providers.


The MAX2550 and the MAX2553 are offered in a 7mm x 7mm
TQFN package. These transceivers are rated over the -40 degrees C to +85
degrees C temperature range.


PMC-Sierra acquires Maxim’s server storage 12Gb/s expander
product Line


Recently, PMC-Sierra, a provider of semiconductor,
announced that it acquired Maxim Integrated Products, 12Gb/s SAS expander
technology. PMC believes the acquisition will strengthen its SAS design
footprint with leading server OEMs.


The company said that Maxim’s expander technology enables
PMC to offer end-to-end 12Gb/s SAS solutions tailored for server platforms.
Continued support for Maxim’s industry-leading server expander firmware will
preserve OEM investment as they transition from 6Gb/s SAS to 12Gb/s SAS.


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