Mediacom to deploy CommScope RD2322 RxDs as Remote MACPHY Devices

CommScope announced its agreement with Mediacom Communications to power its network migration to a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) based on Remote MACPHY.
CommScope RD1322 2x2 Remote PHY DeviceMediacom has already conducted trials of the CommScope Remote PHY solution — including E6000 CCAP Core, OM6000 node, Remote PHY Device (RPD), and Video Unified Edge (VUE) — as a part of a CommScope DAA solution in Mediacom’s milestone 10G Smart Home field trial in Ames, Iowa.

The migration to the next-generation RD2322 RxD operating as a Remote MACPHY Device (RMD) in the OM4120 Optical Node, configured with high-split (204 MHz) upstream, shows CommScope’s ability to support Mediacom’s desired services in multiple DAAs.

Mediacom will deploy CommScope RD2322 RxDs as Remote MACPHY Devices, simultaneously evolving its existing 1 GHz OM4100 Optical Nodes with a simple field upgrade to 1.2 GHz OM4120 Optical Nodes with 204 MHz high-split operation in the upstream.

The node upgrade will enable the more efficient use of RF spectrum, resulting in lower latency services and nearly symmetrical multi-Gigabit capacity on its residential networks. With a simple software-only upgrade, the RD2322 RxD provides unsurpassed flexibility enabling it to operate as either a Remote PHY Devic.

“CommScope is a trusted partner that has successfully powered our groundbreaking 10G Smart Home and subscriber trial with their end-to-end Remote PHY solution over the last couple of years,” stated JR Walden, CTO, Mediacom.

“Mediacom is one of the top cable operators in North America and a longstanding Hybrid Fiber Coax customer. This agreement extends our strategic relationship to include CommScope’s DAA Module solutions and demonstrates their unmatched extensibility in the next phase of network evolution,” noted Guy Sucharczuk, SVP and GM, Access Network Solutions, CommScope.