Meru unveils new SA2000 Network Management Appliance.


Meru Networks, a provider of 802.11n virtualized wireless
networking, announced upgrades to the Meru E(z)RF Network Management Suite and
introduced the new SA2000 Network Management Appliance.


The combination of solutions streamlines management and
optimization of large wireless networks and gives administrators the ability to
provision, test, troubleshoot and optimize the wireless networks for quality of
service while reducing IT overhead and cost.


Meru’s upgraded network management applications include
the E(z)RF Network Manager 2.3, which provides centralized management of large
enterprise installations and now scales to support hundreds of WLAN controllers
and thousands of access points.


The Meru Service Assurance Manager 1.2 and Spectrum
Analyzer 1.1 leverage Meru’s unique virtual cell architecture to create virtual
clients from idle access points, thereby enabling proactive, cost-effective
network testing and validation.


These applications streamline network analysis, testing
and troubleshooting, and enable management of vast networks from a single
web-based management console. The new Meru SA2000 Services appliance supports
twice the database capacity while fitting into a 50 percent smaller footprint.


We have a very large campus with multiple virtual
wireless cells, handling hundreds of Wi-Fi devices at any given time,” said
Eric Hawley, associate vice president of IT, Utah State University.


We rely on the Meru E(z)RF Suite to streamline the
management of this extensive network and optimize wireless performance. With
our limited IT staff, we must minimize incidents and maximize service to the
thousands of students who depend on the wireless network as part of their
education,” Hawley added.


Administrators can protect their Meru network from downtime and predict potential network issues before they occur with
Meru’s suite of management tools.


Upgrades to Meru’s Service Assurance Management suite include:


E(z)RF Network Manager 2.3 -advanced deployment and management
solution now scales to support even larger networks. The solution enables
administrators to easily deploy, configure, monitor and manage hundreds of Meru
WLAN controllers and thousands of Meru APs from a single web-based management


Meru E(z)RF lowers total cost of operations by enabling
centralized configuration and software distribution. Automated backup of
controller configurations and easy-to-use dashboards allow system administrators
to review up to 12 months of data for trends analysis and capacity planning.
Finally, the solution offers enhanced security with role-based access controls.


Service Assurance Manager (SAM) 1.2
the industry’s first proactive operationsand diagnostics system for wireless networks, this application
simulates client application traffic to test for end-to-end configuration and
performance. End-to-end simulation tests enable system administrators to
pinpoint and avert any potential issues throughout the wireless and the wired
infrastructure before they occur.  


Meru SAM v1.2 uses existing Access Points without
suspending service so that enterprises can significantly reduce the cost and
inconvenience of network validation. Customizable notifications give
administrators 24×7 access to information, eliminating the need to have IT
personnel on site.


Spectrum Manager 1.1
centralized comprehensive spectrum analysis and management application provides
detailed RF network analysis, helping system administrators detect and classify
interference from both Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi sources (e.g. microwave ovens,
Bluetooth) and optimize the network for improved quality of service and


SA2000 Services Appliance– a new appliance and upgraded software
platform provides a foundation for the Meru EzRF application suite and enables
administrators to cost effectively manage high-capacity wireless LANs.


“Predictable quality of service depends on
visibility across all wireless network operations and the ability to head off
problems before they impact users,” said Kamal Anand, senior vice president
Product Management, Meru.


Recently, Meru Networks was recognized
for its expanding global leadership in the mid-tier and enterprise wireless
networking market.


The company was credited for its outstanding achievements
in building technologically advanced WLAN infrastructure and for its wireless
networking range with ITP Technology Group’s 2011 Network Middle East
Innovation Award.


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