Mexican operator selects Evolving Systems to upgrade SIM card provisioning platform

By Telecom Lead
: Evolving Systems, a provider of software solutions and services to the
wireless, wireline and cable markets, announced that a Tier-1 Mexican
in Mexico has decided to upgrade its existing bespoke SIM card
provisioning platform to Evolving Systems’ Dynamic SIM
Allocation (DSA) solution.


The upgrade
will be a complete solution uplift project that includes the end-to-end
implementation of DSA and its ancillary modules including network nodes and HA


telecoms market in Mexico works on regionalized numbering plans. For operators
this means they have to employ a complicated logistics approach where phone
numbers and identifiers associated with different regions can only be used in
those regions.  DSA bypasses this, enabling this important customer to
simplify its SIM supply chain logistics through the creation of a generic
universal SIM profile, one that can be used across any region and any product,”
said Thad Dupper, CEO and chairman of Evolving Systems.


After the
deployment of DSA solution, the operator will be able to achieve higher
performance levels and greater platform stability than the current system, as
well as enjoy full support for all of the operator’s current products, rate
plans, and services.


In addition,
the operator is planning to use the DSA subscriber menu features to improve the
dialogue with its customers via dynamic menu choices, and offer subscribers
promotional incentives such as the opportunity to select their own personalized


Last year,Evolving Systems had announced that an African customer has placed a
significant upgrade order for the company’s Dynamic SIM
Allocation (DSA) solution, providing support for mobile broadband and
number selection.


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