MNP a win-win for both SPs and consumers: Huawei

“National Mobile Number Portability (N-MNP) is a win-win situation for both service providers and consumers,” says Chandan Kumar, director-Marketing and Integrated Solutions, Huawei India.

Socio-economic changes are taking place in India in the epoch of globalization which will have strong spatial implications. Studies on internal migration have indicated a consistent increase in the inter-state migration. As per census of 2011 inter-state migration has crossed 26  percent while urban inter-state is even higher around 31  percent.Further with the Government’s new initiatives like “Make in India”, “Smart cities”, “Digital India”  etc. this trend is likely to increase.  At the same time mobile number has become like finger print for every individual linked to almost all aspect of his life (Aadhar card, bank account, Gas subsidy etc.), in view of the above N-MNP was imperative, Kumar said.

Chandan Kumar, Director-Marketing and Integrated Solutions, Huawei India

MNP has been in India for a while since 2011 yet N-MNP is something new and would provide huge opportunity in the domestic telecom market both for consumers and service providers. Some of the major benefits to consumers will be cheaper & better service packages by service providers to attract them, offering better quality of service to retain them. Apart from this, they can own same number throughout their life without any commitment to any service provider.

Benefits don’t restrict only to consumers but extend to service providers as well. With the national MNP service providers have more opportunities to retain the consumer moving to different circle and hence reducing the churn rate and increasing the overall revenue. It will also help the service providers to reduce  the customer acquisition cost in new circles. Service providers with high brand visibility and value will derive the maximum benefits of the churn. New service providers will also be benefitted by offering innovative and better services and relatively less congested network.

Overall the national MNP is a win-win situation for both service providers and consumers. It opens a ocean of opportunities for the telecom sector with the biggest gain for consumers due to competitive pricing, better network and service quality.

Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]