MobiFone deploys QD.TEK’s BroadForward Diameter solutions

MobiFone, a mobile network operator in Vietnam, has deployed QD.TEK’s BroadForward Diameter Signaling Controller (BroadForward DSC) and BroadForward Diameter Firewall (BroadForward DFW) at several locations.
MobiFone Vietnam
DSC provides MobiFone with the ability to integrate and apply intelligent Diameter signaling scenarios. DFW enables MobiFone to block unwanted signaling messages as per relevant GSMA FS.19 recommendations. MobiFone selected QD.TEK to deploy the BroadForward DSC to replace the existing Diameter routers.

MobiFone is a major Vietnamese mobile network operator headquartered in Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Hanoi with nearly 50 million subscribers. MobiFone provides telecom services to subscribers and enterprises in in Vietnam.

BroadForward Next Generation DSC (DRA, DEA and Interworking) provides MobiFone with an easy to configure, multi-protocol routing and interworking software solution, designed to orchestrate converged signaling services across 2G/3G, 4G/LTE, Fixed/Wi-Fi networks and ultimately 5G.

The BroadForward Diameter Firewall (DFW) protects networks against potential attacks, unauthorized senders, malformed messages, overload situations and much more. The BroadForward DFW provides MobiFone with a path to gradual migration to a converged security architecture across Diameter, SS7 and eventually HTTP – required for 5G signaling operations.

“DSC and DFW solution offers more flexibility compared to traditional signaling products, allowing us to independently configure signaling services across our networks and services and easily adapt to vendor-specific protocol implementations,” Tran Viet Ha, deputy director, Network Development at MobiFone, said.

MobiFone has nearly 50 million subscribers with nearly 30,000 2G base stations and 20,000 3G base stations. MobiFone’s total revenue in 2017 was approximately US$ 2 billion.