MobiFone taps Nokia Siemens to gain 50% increase in packet core capacity

Telecom Lead Asia: VMS MobiFone, a telecom
operator in Vietnam, has utilized Nokia Siemens Networks’ solutions to gain 50
percent increase in its packet core network capacity.


Nokia Siemens has also modernized MobiFone’s GSM and 3G
radio network in southern and central Vietnam.


Nokia Siemens’ packet core solutions will enable MobiFone to
handle the data surge on its networks.


The high capacity core network will help us serve more
subscribers, while the modernized radio network will enable the telecom
operator to offer high-speed data services to our growing number of smartphone
subscribers,” said Nguyen Dang Nguyen, deputy general director at MobiFone.

Nokia Siemens upgraded MobiFone’s packet core network with
its Flexi Intelligent Service Node (Flexi ISN) to enable simplified data management
and charging functionality.

Rapid adoption of smartphones is driving a mobile internet
boom in the Vietnam market, also characterized by growing competition amongst
telecom operators,” said Tanat Techatanabaht, country director at Nokia Siemens

The contract also includes the ATCA-based Flexi Network
Gateway (Flexi NG), part of the Nokia Siemens’ Liquid
Core architecture. It provides high throughput and signaling capacity to
support increasing mobile broadband traffic volumes.

Nokia Siemens also deployed its Serve atOnce Traffica,
part of its Customer Experience Management offering. It allows the
operator to monitor the service quality, service use as well as the
network-wide traffic in real-time across various technologies and systems from different

Moreover, the contract includes Nokia
Siemens’ One-NDS subscriber data management system. One- NDS provides
MobiFone a unified view of its subscriber data. The company also
provided NetAct, a single, unified management system capable of managing
all relevant network elements, and also a single point of network
authentication and policy management across all types of networks.