Mobile video the next voice business for operators: Huawei

Huawei Bangalore Research

Mobile video market space is expected to be the next ’voice’ business for operators in terms of profit contribution, says Qiu Heng, president of Huawei’s Wireless Marketing Operation Department.

Heng was elaborating on Huawei’s new whitepaper entitled, “Mobile Video Report –a Key Driver of Mobile Market Value.”

According to Huawei, consumer behaviour, data pricing, networks, devices, and other content drivers are fueling the adoption of mobile video, which drives its evolution as a basic mobile service for operators.

Video is dominating traffic loads on more and more mobile networks today. Principally, as a means of entertainment, it evolves through the adoption of social video, live streaming, and immersive 360 degree or VR/AR services.

Video is also becoming increasingly important to users in other respects, such as a means of communication, a source of information and security, or a means of self-expression. Strategy Analytics forecasts the population of mobile video users will double to more than 2 Billion by 2021, with 36% penetration

While these drivers propel video to the center of the mobile service experience, the stage of service evolution around the globe is still quite diverse, Huawei said. Operators will need to coordinate their product and service development to tap into the opportunity that video services offer at the appropriate moment.

Markets with low mobile broadband coverage may not want to aggressively push data pricing to fuel a video boom, at this present time. However, in all regions, operators should evaluate the influence they have on all of these service drivers to ensure they are ready to exploit the mobile video opportunity as it emerges.

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Strategy Analytics forecasts the population of mobile video users will double to more than 2 Billion by 2021, with 36 percent penetration.

The popularity of innovative video services such as Facebook video autoplay and live video streaming has kept the momentum going, said Nitesh Patel, director of Wireless Media Strategies, Strategy Analytics.

“These new services, in addition to opening new monetization channels, are important elements in the social networks’ ecosystem. Mobile video is one of the most effective tools to increase user engagement and extend their stay inside the social networks,” Patel added.

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