Mobile World Congress 2012: Nokia Siemens launches customer experience management on demand

By Telecom Lead Team: Nokia Siemens
Networks has launched customer experience management (CEM) on demand.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Customer Experience Management on Demand
portal puts an understanding of the individual needs of customer at its heart.

CEM on
Demand provides a new portal as a single entry point to dashboard views of
mobile operators’ key performance indicators (KPIs) and recommends actions they
can take to improve their customers’ experience. CEM on Demand makes it easier
to access and share this information across the entire operator organization
while in the office, or on the go via smart devices such as laptops and iPads.

We are
making it much easier for operators to manage the customer experience. CEM on
Demand allows operators to see and hear the needs of their customers more
clearly than ever before,” said Amiram Mel, head of Customer Experience
Management at Nokia Siemens Networks.

customers, the benefit from CEM on Demand is an immediate, relevant,
personalized service experience. Based on KPIs, operators can instantly resolve
quality issues for example with data connections in a crowded shopping center.
In addition, operators can provide detailed background information about
network issues to customer care center agents in real-time.

Siemens’ CEM on Demand comprises various -content packs’ combining sets of
customer-centric reports and dashboards that show the insights derived from
KPIs for networks, services and devices.

Siemens Networks’ existing products and solutions for Customer Experience
Management are the foundation for CEM on Demand. This portfolio is designed to
handle real-time data, processes and actions, and ensure the seamless flow of
high quality data used and displayed by CEM on Demand. In addition, CEM on
Demand can be integrated and used in multivendor network environments.

CEM on
Demand can be delivered on site and as a Software as a Service model. It can
also be delivered as a complete managed service model called Managed CEM to
meet operators’ business needs.

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