Mobile World Congress 2012: RADWIN to demonstrate small cell NLOS backhaul solution

By Telecom Lead Team: RADWIN, a provider of sub-6
GHz wireless broadband solutions, will showcase its solution for
non-line-of-sight small cell backhaul at the Mobile World Congress in
Barcelona, February 2012.


The company claims its point-to-point and
point-to-multipoint systems are installed in over 140 countries worldwide. The
solutions are now in LTE small cell trials by leading European and US carriers,
where the high capacity and robust performance of the links under tough NLOS
conditions is validated.


The company added that its solution backhauls traffic
from 3G/LTE small cells in non-line-of-sight conditions.


Mobile operators that are adopting the small cell
deployment architecture face the challenge of backhauling in non-line-of-sight.
These operators are turning to RADWIN because we have a proven solution that is
based on years of accumulated experience in NLOS backhaul deployments and over
100,000 radio installations worldwide,” said Adi Nativ, VP of marketing and
business development at RADWIN.


A backhauling small cell poses significant challenges and
necessitates non-line-of-sight transmission. RADWIN’s telco-grade solutions
combine advanced technologies and RADWIN’s extensive experience in carrier
sub-6GHz backhaul.


The wireless links are singularly capable of operating in
dense urban environments where there are many obstacles that block
line-of-sight (e.g. buildings, trees) and ensure robust transmission in dynamic
street level conditions where there is high interference and severe


RADWIN is collaborating with leading players in the
industry to deliver the most advanced NLOS backhaul solution that will enable
3G/LTE small cell network deployments in the coming year.


Recently, RADWIN
was selected by Tanzanian service provider Sasatel. The service provider
deployed a combination of RADWIN 2000 point-to-point and RADWIN 5000
point-to-multipoint links offering secured SLA service to deliver high-speed
broadband to its corporate clients.


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