Mobile World Congress: Ericsson automates optimization of mobile networks


By Telecom Lead Team: Wireless equipment major Ericsson
is launching SON Optimization Manager. This self-organizing networks (SON)
product automates the process of optimizing the capacity, coverage and quality
of mobile networks.


SON will address issues involving the rapid uptake of
smartphones and mobile broadband and increased the complexity of operator
networks, making them more difficult to manage.


SON enables operators to improve quality of service.
Operators will benefit from happier customers, reduced operating expenses, as
well as increased traffic and revenue from their existing networks. Users will
have fewer dropped calls and get a better internet browsing experience.


“SON Optimization Manager is based on a simple idea
– increasing automation to overcome increasing complexity. We call this Smart
Simplicity, because it simplifies operators’ processes and makes them more
efficient,” said Ulf Ewaldsson, senior vice president, chief technology
officer, Ericsson.


LTE standardization introduced network optimization and
management features that Ericsson is now making available for automating
multi-standard networks, bringing self-organizing management features to
existing operator networks.


This solution helps extend SON functionality to existing networks,
regardless of how many vendors or standards are involved. Optimizing the use of
existing network assets is a key component of any heterogeneous (hetnet)
network strategy. SON Optimization Manager is a good fit for operators that are
looking to build future-proof networks.


Ericsson’s optimization solutions are already in use in
more than half of the world’s major cities. SON Optimization Manager has the
potential to improve the mobile broadband experience for customers the world
over – and has clear business benefits for operators in the fast-moving mobile


Optimization can take place network-wide on a daily or
hourly basis and expert staff are freed from having to perform repetitive
manual tasks and able to focus instead on more strategic activities.


SON Optimization Manager is part of Ericsson’s Smart
Simplicity concept, which focuses on increasing automation in today’s
increasingly complex networks in order to reduce operating expenses and deliver
a better Mobile Broadband experience.


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