Mobile World Congress : Maaii licenses SPIRIT DSP TeamSpirit voice engine mobile and PC SDKs


By Telecom Lead Team: SPIRIT DSP, a voice and video over
IP engines provider, and Maaii, a mobile VoIP application provider in Hong
Kong, have joined hands to offer cross-platform, integrated HD VoIP
communications to consumers and mobile operators.


Maaii has licensed SPIRIT’s TeamSpirit Voice Engine
Mobile and TeamSpirit Voice Engine PC SDKs to drive Maaii’s new communication
applications with HD-quality VoIP calling for iOS and Android devices.


The Maaii iOS app is available for free download from the
iTunes App Store. The new Maaii app is a cross-platform, integrated
communications product, allowing free WiFi/3G calling between Maaii users with
low-cost rates to mobile and landline numbers worldwide. Maaii’s Android client
is currently in closed beta and will be available shortly.


“Maaii brings interconnectivity to consumers,
carriers and enterprises with cross-platform, mobile-to-mobile communications.
We’re confident that SPIRIT’s proven voice engine technology and extensive
cross-platform support is the right choice to power HD-quality voice on our integrated
communications products. In fact, since Maaii launched in the App Store on
January 9th, the app has seen incredible growth and has been well received by
users and the media alike,” said Maaii’s Vice President, Chris Lewis.


TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine is a digital signal and
network processing SDK optimized for mobile platforms and designed for the
rapid development of high-quality, multi-platform voice and video over IP
applications. TeamSpirit Engine enables superior HD voice and video communications
on a wide variety of mobile and desktop platforms. With TeamSpirit, developers
can focus on their own applications and quickly bring new products to market
that include the best IP calling experience possible.


“Mobile VoIP Over-The-Top services, such as Maaii,
on both iOS and Android smart-phones and tablets are very hot now. In a
broadband world, fast mobile VoIP penetration is complicated by the fragmented
Android and very dynamic mobile device/OS market, and the lack of quality
cross-platform, real-time voice and video communications software. This is the
problem SPIRIT addresses with our voice and video mobile engines, and we are
advancing service providers with unified, HD VVoIP capabilities for the most
popular smartphones and OS versions,” said SPIRIT’s Chairman Andrew


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