MobiledgeX and TELUS to trial edge network in Canada

MobiledgeX announced its partnership with telecom operator TELUS to trial its edge network in Canada.
telus-retail-shop-canadaEdge computing enables 4G networks to deliver next generation applications like industry 4.0, real-time multiplayer gaming and immersive Augmented Reality (AR).

Mobile application developers, consumer device makers and IoT hardware manufacturers will be using edge performance capabilities.

“TELUS is excited to pioneer edge computing technology in Canada as the first operator to collaborate with MobiledgeX and empower next-generation technologies and experiences,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, chief technology officer of TELUS.

TELUS will pilot MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R1.0, which aggregates processors and GPUs in virtualized cloudlets in key locations near the edge of TELUS’ wireless and wired access networks.

Developers, device manufacturers, and other technology partners with workloads that have demanding performance and data governance requirements can engage with MobiledgeX to begin planning for trial participation and their future use of the edge, said Eric Braun, chief commercial officer at MobiledgeX.

Edge computing gives operators an opportunity to take on a new role in the next generation ecosystem of application developers and device makers, providing opportunities to generate new relevance for customers.

MobiledgeX — at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 — joined hands with Deutsche Telekom, Niantic and Samsung to demonstrate a multiplayer, mixed reality game with heavy processing demands, resulting in an entirely new mobile gaming experience

MobiledgeX earlier this year announced live edge cloud networks in Germany with Deutsche Telekom.