Mobixell unveils version 5 of converged mobile Internet solution

Mobixell Networks, a global provider of rich media mobile
data solutions, launched version 5 of its converged mobile Internet solution,
Seamless Access. Seamless Access 5 packs significant enhancements that both
optimize bourgeoning data traffic on mobile networks and further improve user

Mobixell claims that Seamless Access 5 is even more cost-effective than the previous
release which itself achieved 80 percent of the “optimize-all”
benefits with as little as 20% of the hardware resources compared to competing

Mobile Operators can offer subscribers the Smart Toolbar
to give them control over how they consume mobile video under changing
circumstances. Similar to the fuel economy switch on automatic transmissions,
the Mobixell Smart Toolbar lets subscribers make a personal decision when
choosing to view video in either high performance or economy mode.

Mobixell Seamless Access identifies and transcodes media
that is not native to a page being viewed. This capability is achieved by
performing drill down HTML link extraction which enables core network-level
optimization tasks including transcoding of video in Adobe Flash format for the
Apple iOS and iPad and analysis of all content in dynamic, multi-source pages.

Dynamic HTML pages can contain advertising, images, video
and other content that is linked from many different sources. By drilling down
and extracting the original links on a page, a mobile operator can also isolate
which content is associated with the page so that they can offer flat usage
rates for specific sites and services, including, for example, Facebook and
other social networking sites.

For more than a decade, Mobixell has been perfecting its
patented optimization algorithm that efficiently transcodes video without the
need to fully decode and encode it. This method saves 30 to 40 percent of the
required bandwidth with up to 5x less CPU resource usage, while delivering
visually lossless video to ensure excellent user experience.

Using improved Statistical Caching Optimization, Seamless
Access analyzes user viewing patterns in real-time to optimize and cache only
frequently accessed video. According to Mobixell ‘viewer abandonment’ studies,
about 50 percent of viewers browse away from video clips after watching less
than half the duration of the clip. Seamless Access employs innovative
technology to optimize and deliver only the viewed parts of clips. This leads
to less resource usage and more bandwidth savings.

Dynamic Bitrate Adaptation (DBRA) dynamically selects the
optimal bitrate at any given moment. Cell awareness and other Network-Aware
techniques help operators improve viewing experience by dynamically adjusting
the bitrate of video to the bandwidth available to the user’s device, reducing
the numbers of video stalls. These and other Network-Aware techniques help
operators improve viewing experience by reducing the need for buffering.

“For mobile subscribers, video is an important
indicator of network quality. So Mobixell makes it a top priority to help
mobile operators deliver high quality video and services without undue
increases in network investment,” said Noam Green, VP Marketing at
Mobixell. “Seamless Access 5 makes it even easier for operators to deliver
effectively optimized content, significantly reduce the cost of delivering that
content, deliver new innovative services and improve their subscribers’ user


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