Motorola launches new flexible multichannel transcoder


Motorola Mobility announced the
launch of new flexible multichannel transcoder to simplify operations and boost
network bandwidth.


Using the new Motorola ST-6000 series from Motorola
Mobility, video service providers will be able to significantly reduce overall
operational and capital costs associated with delivering the highest quality
video to consumers.


The new ST-6000 series high density multichannel
MPEG2/MPEG4 video transcoder allows video service providers to offer a broader
range of high-quality video services to support evolving network needs and
headend requirements.


Delivering the same levels of premium video quality
associated with single channel encoder products, the ST-6000 maintains the
highest quality video per channel in three, six or even twelve channel


Compared to single channel transcoding solutions, the
ST-6000 also offers several other key benefits including bandwidth savings,
video thumbnail generation and an 80 percent reduction in power consumption and
90 percent savings in overall space requirements.


As service providers look to increase their channel
offerings and want to protect their investments they can migrate channels from
SD to HD video via software license, thereby avoiding costly hardware


The ST-6000 is capable of decoding both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
to support the ingestion of broadcast standards and of encoding MPEG-2 and
MPEG-4 content to support set-tops currently deployed in the home.
Additionally, the ST-6000 transcodes audio signals independently of video,
resulting in bandwidth savings of up to 352kbps per video channel.


“The Motorola ST-6000 offers a range of
configurations to suit different requirements, allowing service providers to
spend less per channel without sacrificing video quality,” said Joe
Cozzolino, senior vice president, Network Infrastructure, Motorola Mobility.


“Motorola is committed to helping video service
providers drive revenues, extend product lifecycles and increase quality and
choice, and the ST-6000 demonstrates how this can be achieved without
increasing bandwidth or incurring more infrastructure costs,” Cozzolino


Other features of the transcoder include audio
transcoding to Dolby Pulse or HE-AAC a potential reduction of audio bit rates
by as much as 50 percent and up to 12 low resolution proxy
“thumbnail” channels which can be used for Picture-in-Picture


Motorola Mobility recently announced the launch
of DEFY+. Building on the Motorola DEFY, Motorola DEFY+ offers protection with
water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof design (IP67).  


Motorola DEFY+ has a 1GHz processor that runs 25 percent
faster and is more fun with the latest version of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
delivering a smarter operating system and better battery life to fully enjoy
your experiences.


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