Motorola Mobility launches DSR-6400 family of integrated satellite receiver transcoders

Telecom Lead America: Motorola Mobility is launching the
DSR-6400 family of integrated satellite receiver transcoders.

The satellite receiver transcoders offer support for
single, dual, three and four channel configurations.

DSR-6400 family is an integrated design combining IRD
functions and transcoding functions into a single unit. Each channel of
the DSR-6400 series can transcode the input MPEG-4 HD video service into
simultaneous MPEG-2 standard definition (SD) and HD video outputs. 

Motorola Mobility said operators will have the ability to
support MPEG-2 based video services simultaneously as they begin the bandwidth
saving shift to MPEG-4 based video delivery services all in one DSR-6400

Moreover, the DSR-6403 and DSR6304 support a very-high
quality closed-loop statmux capability, to maximize transmission bandwidth
efficiency while ensuring subscribers enjoy the ultimate in picture quality and
viewing experience.

DSR-6404 can be provisioned for CBR and VBR video bitrate
encoding, allowing for quality video statmux in groups with up to four HD
channels within a 256-QAM multiplex bitrate of 38.8Mbps. 

The DSR-6400 also utilizes AFD (Active Format Descriptor)
to translate input HD services to an appropriate SD service with proper aspect
ratio and resolution, ensuring that video is display-ready for screens of any
size and format.

“The DSR-6400 series provides a great deal of
flexibility and high-quality video options that will deliver the best quality
viewing experience to consumers,” said Joe Cozzolino, senior vice
president and general manager, Network Infrastructure, Motorola Mobility.

DSR-6400 includes several interfaces for several
configuration options. They are equipped with radio frequency (RF),
Gigabit Ethernet and Adapter Support Interface (ASI) inputs and outputs formats
to enable seamless connections to existing headend equipment for easy
installation and deployment. 

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