Motorola Mobility Launches Medios Xperience Platform to Deliver Personalized TV Viewing and Interaction

Motorola Mobility is placing greater control into
consumers’ hands to personalize their TV viewing across multiple devices anywhere
in the home with the launch of its Medios Xperience platform. 

As part of the Medios multi-screen service management software suite,
the cloud-based applications platform allows service providers to merge video
content with social networking, games and web-based content and delivers
greater interaction capabilities with broadcast television and video-on-demand
(VOD) services.  


As part of its continued focus on infusing consumer
insights into technology innovations, Motorola recently hosted a series of
focus groups with consumers in the New York and Los
Angeles metro areas to discuss their TV-related experiences.


Consumers expressed a desire to more easily find and
better organize content, such as TV shows and movies; greater flexibility for
when, how and where TV is consumed, such as the ability to stream live shows to
any device in the home; and improved access to supplementary content so that
viewers can quickly access news and gossip about their favorite shows and


Motorola’s Medios Xperience platform will deliver on
viewers’ desires for greater TV consumption flexibility across mobile devices.
Consumers want to simultaneously engage with additional content and social
networking sites while they watch TV.


As our recent focus groups clearly demonstrate, consumers
want to be able to personalize their TV-watching experience and want the
greatest flexibility in where and when they watch content. Consumers expressed
strong interest in being able to bookmark TV shows and movies and have improved
video-on-demand searching to make it easier to find a particular program.


“Motorola’s Medios Xperience platform delivers these
enriched TV experiences across multiple screens in an easy-to-deploy,
cost-effective manner,” said John Burke, senior vice president and general
manager, Converged Experiences, Motorola Mobility.


By Team