Motorola simplifies multi-screen video delivery


Motorola Mobility announced the launch of SecureMedia
Encryptonite ONE HLS+ solution. With this, service providers can simplify
operations and lower cost while giving subscribers the ability to stream video
content to many devices in and beyond the home.



The end-to-end adaptive streaming solution enables secure
content delivery to multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops,
game consoles and other connected consumer electronic devices.  



As the industry continues to deploy multi-screen video
services, service providers are confronted with a matrix of different adaptive
streaming formats, security technologies and video playback applications to
reach a range of consumer devices.

SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+
simplifies this challenge by using today’s predominant adaptive streaming
protocol, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS+) for both linear and on-demand content
distribution to all devices, while adding full digital rights management (DRM)
functionality through the integration of SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE solution.



For service providers, SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+
streamlines content ingestion, processing, delivery and security to minimize
costs compared with traditional “silo” approaches where companies
must invest in specific headend equipment and allocate additional bandwidth in the
distribution network for each adaptive streaming format.



We continue to deliver best-in-class media-security
solutions for content distribution, enabling service providers the flexibility
to embrace the exploding consumer demand for multi-screen experiences,” said
Alan Lefkof, vice president, software solutions, Converged Experiences,
Motorola Mobility.



Our SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+ solution overcomes
the challenges of multi-screen content delivery by streamlining the entire
content processing and delivery process while also meeting Hollywood studio
secure-delivery requirements. We look forward to working with today’s mobile,
set-top and connected device manufacturers to incorporate our SecureMedia
Encryptonite ONE HLS+,” Lefkof added.



SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+ has been developed for
Android clients on smartphones and tablets, such as the Motorola XOOM tablet
and the latest Motorola DROID family of handsets, as well as Motorola’s IP and
hybrid set-tops.



SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+ clients have also been
developed for other platforms such as Apple iOS and OS X, Windows, and Sony
Playstation 3.  SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE HLS+ clients for
Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray Disc players and set-tops from other
manufacturers will be available in the near future.



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