Motorola Solution expands MOTOTRBO line with two new radio series

Telecom Lead America: Motorola Solution has added two new
radio series, the XPR 7000 and XPR 3000 to its MOTOTRBO


Both new series are designed to meet the communication
needs of customers in the public service, manufacturing, education, hospitality
and services industries.


The company claims that its MOTOTRBO portfolio delivers
exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity and the
industry’s largest application developer program allowing businesses to
collaborate and communicate.


“MOTOTRBO has redefined what our customers expect
from a two-way radio, with the convergence of push-to-talk voice and data
allowing users to communicate and work together on a whole new level. These new
radios offer customers more alternatives to keep the entire enterprise
connected, ultimately helping to streamline business operations and increase
work group effectiveness,” said Jeff Spaeth, corporate vice president, Radio
Products and Accessories, Motorola Solutions.


Built to last in the toughest environments, the XPR 7000
Series professional-tier radios are available in both full keypad with color
display and non-display models.


Along with Bluetooth accessories, the XPR 7000 Series
also offers a robust portfolio of exclusive IMPRES smart audio accessories,
batteries and chargers, remote speaker microphones and carry accessories.


On the other hand, the new XPR 3000 Series is a
mid-tier professional portable available in limited keypad-display and
non-display models that offer customers a smart way to migrate to digital.


The company has also announced Linked Capacity Plus,
an entry-level system offering a cost-effective voice and data communications


Linked Capacity Plus enables user to communicate across a
wide area by linking sites across an Internet Protocol (IP) network, delivering
five times the capacity of an analog conventional system.


Motorola Solutions expands MOTOTRBO portfolio with SL and XPR
5000 series


Earlier, Motorola Solution launched SL
Series portable and the XPR 5000 mobile radio series to expand its
MOTOTRBO solution.


MOTOTRBO is Motorola Solutions’ professional digital
communications portfolio that meets the requirements of narrowbanding. It
delivers exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, increased capacity.


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