Motorola to work with Honeywell to offer connected home security solution for operators


Motorola Mobility announced today its plan to work with
Honeywell Security Group to develop an end-to-end security solution for cable
and telecom service providers.



The solution is aimed at offering subscribers a connected
home security service that enables remote management of alarm panels and
associated security devices using multiple control interfaces including TV,
smartphone, PC and tablet.



Motorola and Honeywell Security Group are both leaders
in their respective industries, and our anticipated relationship is expected to
bring a new level of expertise and resources to service providers in expanding
their offerings to include connected home security,” said Leon Hounshell,
division general manager, 4Home Connected Solutions Group, Motorola Mobility.


Motorola and Honeywell’s connected home security system
would allow subscribers to protect, monitor and control their house while at
home or away.


The concept solution combines the strengths of the two
industry-leading companies. Motorola’s 4Home software platform
was designed on open standards to enable service providers to offer a variety
of new services that work across a range of devices and protocols.


Honeywell’s security systems and Total Connect remote
services provide end-users with protection from burglary, fire and other
threats, in addition to enabling system monitoring and management via the web
and mobile devices.


Together, Motorola and Honeywell Security Group will provide a turn-key security system that delivers
Honeywell’s trusted alarm panel hardware with device management from Motorola’s
carrier-grade, open software platform – allowing simple integration of a range of
connected security devices, scalability to millions of subscribers, and the
infrastructure to support third-party services.



We are looking forward to this collaboration with
Motorola as it highlights the synergies in our approach to the connected home
market,” said JoAnna Sohovich, president, Honeywell Security and Communications



By integrating Honeywell security with Motorola’s
software platform, we will once again be delivering scalable, mass-market
solutions that optimize security functionality for both subscribers and service
providers,” Sohovich added.



Motorola and Honeywell’s
planned solution for service providers will not only support connected home
security, but will be designed to have the flexibility to seamlessly deliver a
variety of additional value-added services to subscribers.



This capability is rooted in Motorola’s underlying 4Home
software platform, which provides the framework to expand device management
across the entire ecosystem of connected home devices, which can be enabled by
service providers under the service architecture for connected home services
such as home monitoring, energy management, home health, and others.



Motorola’s platform-based solution benefits service
providers with reduced total cost of ownership, scalability to new devices and
protocols, remote subscriber support, and simple SDK APIs to integrate with
back-end systems, including CRM, billing and others.



In addition, Motorola’s recent integration of its 4Home
software platform and the EDGE management system facilitates device management
from both the subscriber and service provider ends, enabling virtual support
solutions that reduce truck rolls and facilitate real-time troubleshooting.


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