Movandi in partnership with Qualcomm to expand 5G mmWave adoption

Movandi announced plans to partner with chip major Qualcomm Technologies to expand the adoption of 5G mmWave deployment for indoor and outdoor scenarios.
Softbank Mobile taps Ericsson Radio Dot System for indoor coverage trialMovandi is one of the leading suppliers of 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) RF technologies and software.

The combination of mmWave small cells powered by Qualcomm FSM 5G RAN Platforms and Movandi-powered 5G smart repeaters will entail expanded 5G mmWave adoption and an increased flexibility in operator deployments.

This combination of small cells based on Qualcomm FSM 5G RAN Platforms and Movandi-powered 5G BeamXR smart repeaters is positioned to offer mobile operators cost-effective and fast deployment of mmWave at scale and help unlock the full potential of 5G.

Movandi’s BeamXR smart repeater technology helps to close the gap in 5G mmWave deployments by amplifying coverage in public spaces and inside buildings and by penetrating physical barriers in dense urban environments.

Movandi BeamXR technology is the industry’s first smart repeater solution engineered to speed up 5G mmWave deployment, extend range and enhance coverage, penetrate physical barriers in indoor, outdoor and mobile environments, and accelerate large-scale 5G commercialization.