Movistar Chile deploys Nokia IMPACT CDP Entitlement Server

Telefonica-owned Movistar Chile has deployed Nokia IMPACT CDP Entitlement Server software to manage advanced services for selected smartwatch models.
Movistar Chile roamingNokia said the deployment makes Movistar Chile the first operator in the country to offer services for advanced smartwatches with cellular capabilities, without being connected to a smartphone companion device.

The solution, utilizing embedded-SIM (eSIM) technology, allows Movistar to increase its capabilities to support new smartwatches and wearables with advanced features, including monitoring cardiac activity, as well as basic functions, such as messaging, calling and emailing without requiring users to carry a smartphone.

Research firm Analysys Mason says IMPACT, or Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things, is the leading device management solution globally based on market share.

The IMPACT platform enables automated zero-touch activation and oversees the complete lifecycle, allowing remote management of networks and IoT devices. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased demand for the kind of remote network management features that IMPACT CDP provides.

Movistar Chile is the latest company to benefit from IMPACT CDP Entitlement Server, with momentum in other Latin America markets, including other Telefonica affiliates in the region and in Europe, along with various companies in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Antonio Bueno Figueroa, CTO of Movistar Chile, said: “Nokia’s IMPACT Connected Device Platform brings important features to Movistar’s networks, allowing us to reach a key milestone for our company and to begin offering innovative smartwatches and wearables with advanced features to our customers.”