MRO-TEK expands PINE Series carrier interface converter

Telecom Lead India: MRO-TEK has expanded its PINE Series carrier interface converter to bridge traditional SDH networks with enterprise Ethernet networks seamlessly.

PINE Series carrier interface converter

MRO-TEK’s PINE series of interface converters can help telecoms, especially in backhauling Ethernet traffic over latter’s country-wide SDH networks and connect enterprise campuses in one single virtual Ethernet entity.

Though the traffic will move SDH network, the users will feel that they are communicating over Ethernet.

“Over the past few years, MRO-TEK has invested more resources and human power to develop these world-class solutions. We position ourselves as a global ‘Solution Architects in the Carrier Grade Access. PINE is one of the first products coming out of the new efforts. It will be available throughout the country with immediate effect,” said Madhava M, VP-Technology, MRO-TEK.

The best solution to address bandwidth  related issues is to use existing SDH/TDM network and build a converter which converts SDH/TDM protocols to Ethernet protocol and vice-versa so that the end customer always feels he is on an Ethernet network getting bandwidth on demand.

Since Ethernet is a connectionless circuit and sends across a lot of authentication and validation packets to ensure integrity of data, such packet looping will cause Ethernet to drop packets leading to data loss. PINE handles this by eliminating the Ethernet loop.

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