MTC Technologies Utilizes Adtran’s Fiber Access Platform to Deliver Gigabit Broadband

Adtran announced a collaboration with MTC Technologies to deploy its Total Access 5000 (TA5000) 10Gbit/s fiber access platform. This partnership enables MTC Technologies to extend Gigabit broadband services to customers in Southeast Iowa, including those residing in remote rural areas.
Adtran’s broadband technologyWith the incorporation of Adtran’s optical network terminals (ONTs), the TA5000-based solution facilitates the rapid expansion of MTC Technologies’ service coverage, providing symmetrical, high-speed connectivity to a greater number of subscribers. The new infrastructure is designed to meet the growing demands for super-fast internet access and overcome the challenges of reaching underserved locations.

Marc Carlson, General Manager of MTC Technologies, highlighted the reasons for choosing Adtran’s broadband technology, emphasizing the effortless deployment and reliable operation of the solution. The seamless installation process and minimized troubleshooting allow MTC Technologies to focus on their core objective: delivering exceptional services to their customers.

Carlson also praised Adtran’s commitment to customer satisfaction and outstanding support. Unlike some competitors, Adtran stands out for its transparency and straightforward pricing without hidden fees or additional charges, making it a preferred partner for MTC Technologies.

Adtran, a provider of networking and communications solutions, said its TA5000 plays a crucial role in connecting regions of Iowa that previously lacked adequate broadband infrastructure. The platform’s modular design and versatility in supporting various access protocols enable MTC Technologies to adapt to customers’ evolving needs while efficiently expanding their network coverage.

In conjunction with the TA5000, Adtran’s SDX 620 Series of flexible XGS-PON ONTs enhances the new fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure. These ONTs provide cost-effective converged services for both residential and business users, ensuring a wide array of digital experiences for MTC Technologies’ growing subscriber base. This includes seamless collaboration on projects, high-definition entertainment streaming, and seamless global communication with friends and family.

John Scherzinger, General Manager of Americas Sales at Adtran, expressed his excitement about the project’s impact, highlighting how the TA5000 solution connects more Iowans to each other and the world at large. The flexibility of Adtran’s XGS-PON solution also guarantees that MTC Technologies’ network can readily scale to meet future data demands, accommodating the region’s ongoing digital growth.

Through this successful partnership, MTC Technologies and Adtran are empowering communities in Southeast Iowa with cutting-edge broadband services, bridging the digital divide and facilitating new opportunities for residents and businesses alike.