MTN deploys eOTDR on FTTH network powered by Huawei

MTN has deployed the world’s first Embedded Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (eOTDR) on its Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network – powered by Huawei.

With the deployment, South Africa-based telecom operator MTN aims to manage fiber maintenance and identify network faults.
MTN has identified fiber maintenance as an important issue in order to deploy over 100,000 lines of FTTH networks in Johannesburg and other cities in its network.

The FTTH networks require the capability to proactively alert operations and maintenance engineers in the event of optical network performance deterioration, to ensure repair and improve network quality.

Huawei says Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR), which uses scattered and reflected light to measure transmission quality along optical fibers, is primarily used for fiber testing and troubleshooting.
Huawei’s eOTDR is an OTDR system embedded in an OLT PON optical module, and co-operating with the Line Assurance System iManager N2510 it can effectively identify physical connections and optical fiber attenuation.

In tests, this solution located all backbone fiber faults, branch fiber faults, demarcate faults and effectively reduced operations and maintenance field engineer workload by 40 percent. eOTDR optical modules can be easily deployed on FTTH networks to support operators to proactively manage its networks. The eOTDR solution does not require complex network reconstruction, said Huawei.

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