MWC 2014: NSN new managed services to improve telecoms QoS

As part of Mobile World Congress 2014 announcement, NSN today said its news managed services and LTE Service Management would ensure better customer satisfaction.

The telecom equipment vendor has conducted live demos to identify quantifiable benefits to mobile operators and end consumers.

NSN said the enhanced managed service — NSN Predictive Operations – is designed to identify potential service degradations and outages with 95 percent accuracy. NSN Predictive Operations service will enable mobile broadband service providers to improve quality by 15 percent for a better customer experience.

Predictive Operations service

The Predictive Operations service uses a self-learning analysis engine that evaluates a range of data that can include service quality, customer experience and other key performance indicators from the operator’s network, as well as external data such as weather forecasts and social media.

When an abnormal pattern is detected, which can be up to 48 hours before subscribers would be affected, the service issues a predictive alert to NSN operations experts. They can then pinpoint the cause of the anomaly and take preventive action.

“Predictive Operations goes a step further and anticipates potential problems, down to the network element level, before they affect the subscriber. This capability is in line with a key goal of our Technology Vision 2020 – making networks self-aware,” said Amit Dhingra, head of Managed Services at NSN.

NSN LTE Service Management

The telecom equipment vendor also said it would launch LTE Service Management that led to a 5 percent churn reduction in a live trial.

NSN LTE Service Management

LTE Service Management assists telecom operators to ensure the highest quality for services such as mobile TV, video streaming and online gaming, which are sensitive to even small issues in underlying network performance.

A live installation showed that LTE Service Management helps to cut churn by 5 percent by increasing service performance levels for enhanced availability, accessibility and retainability of mobile data and voice services.

Both services are part of the NSN Managed Services portfolio delivered from NSN Global Delivery Centers in India and Portugal. Commercial deliveries will be available during the first quarter of 2014.

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