MWC 2014: NSN new Smart Scheduler offers 30% faster cell edge downloads

Telecom equipment vendor Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) on Tuesday said its new Smart Scheduler offers 30 percent faster cell edge downloads.

This software upgrade is compatible with both FD-LTE and TD-LTE.

The company will be announcing the benefits of the upgraded Smart Scheduler solution at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.

Telecom operators will benefit as the software upgrade boosts downlink speeds at cell edge with no added hardware costs.

With a simple software upgrade, operators can deploy a coordinated scheduling feature in their FDD-LTE and TD-LTE networks to reduce interference between adjacent base stations.

Coordinated scheduling is implemented as software within the base stations, avoiding the need for any additional hardware.

Zhang Qi, vice president for TD-LTE at NSN

Zhang Qi, vice president for TD-LTE at NSN, said: “NSN’s solution eliminates the need for any additional hardware. Our coordinated scheduling is a simple software upgrade in the base station because we want to keep the LTE network architecture lean and reduce unnecessary complexity.”

In LTE networks, telecom operators can utilize NSN’s Smart Scheduler in order to optimize individual base station radio resources. The immediate benefit is more than 100 percent increase in cell edge data rates and more than 20 percent improvement in cell capacity today when compared to other baseline industry LTE schedulers.

NSN says the software upgrade to Smart Scheduler will enable neighboring base stations to allocate their radio resources in collaboration to reduce inter-cell interference. This leads to higher downlink speeds for subscribers, especially at the cell edge where the reduction in interference between cells produces a 30 percent improvement.

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