MWC 2015: Orange, Cellrox launch the first Virtual Mobile Instance marketplace

Orange  and Cellrox have formed partnership at Mobile World Congress to demonstrate their end-to-end Mobile Virtualization service and Virtual Mobile Instance (VMI) Marketplace.

Virtual Mobile Instance Marketplace, the first such platform in the industry, allows subscribers to download customized and pre-configured VMIs.

The on demand service allows individuals or IT to rapidly virtualize and customize mobile devices for specific roles, privileges and responsibilities within every organization, said Omer Eiferman, CEO and co-founder at Cellrox.

Catch the live action at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015)

Cellrox at MWC 2015

“Mobile Virtualization, combined with the VMI Marketplace, introduces a whole new way to manage employees and information security,” Eiferman added.

Each VMI is designed to fit the needs of different individuals and business users. The selection includes a Wallet VMI for mobile payments, a Corporate VMI and a Secure VMI for highly secured operating environments, among many other choices, the company said.

Cellrox’s Thinvisor platform enables multiple VMIs to co-exist on a single mobile device. Each VMI is completely isolated, fully functional and run within its own dedicated OS environment.

The advantage of these VMIs is that they can be customized independently from one another and transferred between physical devices, allowing enterprises, carriers, OEMs and software vendors to provide mobile users with unprecedented levels of security, privacy, personalization and convenience.

Luc Bretones, executive vice president Orange’s Technocentre and Orange Vallee, said, “With this virtualized solution from Cellrox, it is possible to protect corporate mobile users from potential malware and at the same time provide a seamless end user experience across multiple personas.

“Isolation of the business data and apps with strong encryption on commodity grade android devices will simplify the process of BYOD adoption in the enterprise,” Bretones further said.

Rajani Baburajan