MWC 2016: ZTE takes innovation to the next level for telecoms

ZTE SDON solution
Networking major ZTE announced several new innovative solutions for telecoms at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016).

The latest remote radio units (RRUs), internet protocol radio access network (IP RAN) product, radio frequency (RF) platform and LTE on power solution are the innovative solutions from ZTE.

ZTE’s latest RRUs

ZTE introduced its new generation of remote radio units (RRUs) that utilize minimal equipment for wide scale deployment of networks. ZTE said the RRUs have set a new record in enhancing power amplifier efficiency.

The RRU series from ZTE possesses the industry’s smallest and lightest dual-packet access (dual-PA) radio frequency (RF) modules, with two-thirds of the volume of similar products in the industry. The innovative technology helps telecom operators to quickly acquire new sites and deploy networks using less space.

ZTE said RRU’s power capabilities enable GSM and LTE networks to function in dual-mode at a high capacity. Telecoms can adapt the bandwidth capabilities to scattered frequency bands, preserving half of the required RF modules and feeders. Telecoms will benefit since the four way receiver enhances uplink coverage performance, extending the standby time of mobile handsets. RRU supports telecom operators in facilitating high performance GSM and LTE dual mode network in one step.

The company said RRU series supports 4T4R function and a single RRU can support 4×4 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology, with nearly 50 percent reduction in the volume allowing double the data rate. Telecoms can combine RRUs with carrier aggregation (CA) technology in order to achieve a single mobile user peak data rate of more than 1Gbps.

ZTE enhances ZXCTN 9000-E series

The Chinese networking major will launch internet protocol radio access network (IP RAN) product called ZXCTN 9000-2E10 at MWC in February 2016.

5U high, the ZXCTN 9000-2E10 can provide a large capacity of 400G, and supports software defined networking (SDN) / network functions virtualization (NFV) technology to help operators handle the challenges of broadband networks.

ZTE’s latest IP RAN product achieves 400G large capacity with the compact size of 5U. Each line card supports two CFP4 100GE interfaces; one line card supports 480G switching capacity; it also supports maximally a 960G interface capacity.

This product supports SDN solutions to meet the needs of SDN IP RAN and virtual data centre (VDC) application scenarios. It can support various NFV functions via the x86 server subcard.

Latest RF platform

ZTE said its latest radio frequency (RF) platform called ZXMW SRU2 will meet the demand for mobile networks. The SRU2 based split microwave system is ideal for high capacity transmission link.

Its RF bandwidth for one single channel can support up to 112MHz. One single carrier can transmit up to a 1.3Gbps service without using a cross polarization interference canceller (XPIC) configuration. The SRU2 can provide 218 percent higher throughput as compared with the current 2048QAM with 56MHz bandwidth solutions. It meets the requirements anticipated by LTE backhaul.

One single SRU2 unit can support two RF carrier transmissions saving half the hardware costs of traditional RF configurations.

ZTE brings LTE on power solution 

ZTE launched its LTE on power solution that uses power lines to transmit radio signals for indoor coverage – eliminating indoor coverage blind spots and providing wireless coverage in all directions.

The hardware consists of a baseband unit (BBU), a near-end coupler (CN) and far-end coupler (CF) of an LTE transmission power line. The CN exchanges intelligent quotient (IQ) data with the BBU and performs digital-to-analog (DA/AD) conversion. The CN can transmit medium frequency signals lower than 100 MHz and couple them to a power line.

One CN can be connected to multiple CFs to expand coverage, reduce deployment costs, facilitate installation and maintenance, and lower operators’ operational expenditure (Opex). The CF has a built-in plug-and-play antenna with a compact and lightweight design, said ZTE.

Baburajan K
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