MWC 2024: Huawei Empowers Carriers at 5G Beyond Growth Summit

Huawei, a global provider of telecommunications equipment and services, has hosted the 5G Beyond Growth Summit at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024.
Li Peng of Huawei @ MWC 2024At the summit, Li Peng, Corporate Senior Vice President and President of ICT Sales & Service at Huawei, shared insights on how carriers can navigate the evolving landscape of 5G and leverage the upcoming 5.5G era to unlock new growth opportunities.

“5G is charting a course towards business success,” remarked Li Peng during his address. Since its commercialization in 2019, 5G has rapidly garnered 1.5 billion users worldwide over the past five years, a feat that took nine years for its predecessor, 4G, to achieve. Presently, 20 percent of global mobile subscribers are 5G users, generating 30 percent of mobile traffic and contributing 40 percent to mobile service revenue.

Li Peng emphasized the imminent commercialization of 5.5G in 2024, highlighting its convergence with artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies as pivotal in unlocking new applications and capabilities for carriers worldwide.

He outlined key focus areas for carriers to seize these opportunities, including high-quality networking, multi-dimensional monetization, emerging services, and generative AI.

High-Quality Networks:

Li Peng underscored the significance of high-quality networks as the bedrock of business success in the 5G era. Carriers investing in optimal network experiences have witnessed increased traffic and revenue streams. Notable successes in the Middle East, where carriers have deployed Massive MIMO networks, have led to successful 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) rollouts, connecting millions of households and driving revenue growth.

Multi-Dimensional Monetization:

Highlighting the importance of innovative pricing models, Li Peng noted that over 20 percent of global 5G carriers have embraced speed-tiered pricing strategies. Case studies from Thailand and China demonstrated the efficacy of such models, with carriers witnessing significant increases in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) through offerings like 5G Boost Mode add-ons and guaranteed uplink packages for livestreaming enthusiasts.

Emerging Services:

The summit explored the rise of new services such as New Calling and cloud phones, which have garnered consumer interest. Li Peng highlighted the value-added features of New Calling, such as virtual avatars, and emphasized the willingness of consumers to pay for real-time experiences, exemplified by one-stop car insurance claims services.

Generative AI:

Looking ahead, Li Peng discussed the transformative role of generative AI in shaping the mobile industry’s future. Predictions from IDC suggest a surge in global AI mobile phone shipments by 2024, unlocking new opportunities for carriers through data-driven applications and enhanced user experiences.

The 5G Beyond Growth Summit served as a platform for industry leaders to strategize and collaborate on leveraging emerging technologies to drive sustainable growth in the mobile industry. As the world prepares for the commercialization of 5.5G, Huawei remains at the forefront, empowering carriers to navigate the evolving landscape and unlock the full potential of next-generation networks.