MWC 2024: Huawei Unveils 5.5G Innovations to Accelerate Network Evolution

Huawei, a global leader in telecommunications technology, showcased eight innovative practices aimed at assisting operators in constructing 5.5G multi-path target networks during the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024.
Cao Ming of Huawei @ MWC 2024Cao Ming, President of Huawei Wireless Solution, highlighted the significance of these advancements, marking the official commencement of the commercialization of 5.5G for telecom operators.

With the telecom industry poised for a paradigm shift, Ming emphasized, “As all industry elements are ready, we have entered the first year of 5.5G commercialization.” Huawei’s comprehensive suite of 5.5G products and solutions, distinguished by their ‘Native Giga’ and ‘Native Green’ capabilities, are poised to enable operators worldwide to realize multipath 5.5G evolution across all frequency bands.

The journey from vision to reality for 5.5G has been marked by three years of rapid development. Now, with all standards, services, products, devices, businesses, and policies in place, the commercial rollout of 5.5G is gathering momentum globally. While operators in the Middle East have achieved scaled 5.5G commercialization, counterparts in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America are gearing up for commercial deployment in 2024, validating 10 Gbps capabilities in preparation.

Native GigaGreen Innovations Facilitate Multipath 5.5G Evolution

As all frequency bands transition to 5G, the convergence of TDD and FDD networking is imminent. Huawei’s solutions are designed to enable operators to evolve to 5.5G seamlessly, albeit from diverse pathways. Leveraging core sub-6 GHz bands, operators can establish ubiquitous 5 Gbps networks, while leveraging mmWave and upper 6 GHz (U6G) bands to provide 10 Gbps connectivity at hotspots.

To expedite multipath evolution to 5.5G across all bands, Huawei introduced the 5.5G GigaGreen full-series products and solutions. These offerings, characterized by ‘Native Giga’ ultra-wideband and multi-antenna technologies, enhance performance by tenfold. Additionally, they embody ‘Native Green’ principles from architecture to hardware and software, ensuring energy efficiency through “0 Bit 0 Watt” functionality.

Huawei’s Eight Innovative Practices for 5.5G Evolution:

Extremely Large Antenna Array (ELAA) Upgrade: MetaAAU with native dual-band converged antenna elements facilitates continuous 5 Gbps coverage, simplifying site construction while ensuring seamless service delivery.

FDD Ultra-Wideband Support: Hepta-band RRU enables the reuse of existing bandwidth for building 5-Gbps basic experience networks, enhancing spectral and energy efficiencies.

mmWave Technology: Industry’s largest mmWave AAU supports high-density coverage, delivering a smooth, stable experience of around 10 Gbps in mobility scenarios.

Indoor 10 Gbps Connectivity: LampSite X supports native ultra-high bandwidth, driving the development of 10 Gbps business areas and stimulating network traffic growth.

Energy-Efficient Design: “0 Bit 0 Watt” functionality reduces power consumption, demonstrating significant energy savings on live networks.

Microwave Innovation: MAGICSwave supports Microwave 2T in all scenarios, facilitating rapid deployment and reducing tower load.

Antenna Efficiency Enhancement: Signal direct injection feeding improves all-band energy efficiency, while digital antennas offer enhanced traffic handling and OPEX reduction.

Intelligent RAN Integration: IntelligentRAN enables proactive network O&M and SLA enforcement, enhancing network efficiency and user experience.

Ming concluded by affirming Huawei’s commitment to sustainability in the 5.5G era, with solutions designed to maximize performance while minimizing resource consumption. These innovations represent a significant leap forward in network evolution, positioning operators for success in the era of 5.5G.