MWC 2024: Huawei Unveils 5.5G Intelligent Core Network Solution

Huawei, a global leader in telecommunications technology, showcased its latest innovation, the 5.5G intelligent core network solution, during a new product solution launch event held at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024.
George Gao Huawei @ MWC 2024George Gao, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, took the stage to introduce this groundbreaking solution.

With 2024 marking the inaugural year for the commercialization of 5.5G technology, Huawei’s 5.5G intelligent core network emerges as a pivotal component, integrating service intelligence, network intelligence, and O&M intelligence. According to Gao, the advent of 5.5G technology promises not only enhanced business value but also unparalleled development potential.

Expanding on the capabilities of the solution, George Gao highlighted the significance of service intelligence in driving the profitability of calling services. He cited the successful deployment of the New Calling service in China, serving millions of subscribers across multiple provinces.

Huawei’s New Calling-Advanced solution, equipped with enhanced intelligence and data channel-based interaction capabilities, is poised to revolutionize communication by ushering in a new era of multi-modal communication. Moreover, the introduction of the Multi-modal Communication Function (MCF) promises a personalized calling experience, allowing users to control digital avatars through voice commands.

Moving on to network intelligence, George Gao emphasized the importance of experience monetization and differentiated operations for operators.

Huawei’s Intelligent Personalized Experience (IPE) solution aims to address existing technical gaps by enabling operators to add experience privileges to service packages and effectively monetize differentiated experiences.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Intelligent Uplink Data Grid (UDG) ensures ubiquitous 10 Gbps superior experiences, even amidst heavy-traffic services like HD video streaming and live broadcasts.

In the O&M intelligence business, Huawei’s Digital Assistant & Digital Expert (DAE) takes center stage. By leveraging a multi-modal large model, DAE significantly reduces O&M workload and improves efficiency. The shift towards intelligence-centric O&M, powered by DAE, enables automatic processing of 80 percent of trouble tickets, drastically enhancing operational efficiency.

Moreover, the rapid training and updating capabilities of the multi-modal large model ensure quick adaptation to evolving network needs, a feat previously unimaginable with manual expertise.