MWC 2024: Huawei Unveils All-Optical Products to Accelerate F5.5G Development

Bob Chen, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, has unveiled several optical products at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024).
Bob Chen of Huawei @ MWC 2024At the Huawei Product and Solution Launch event, Bob Chen introduced the industry’s first DC-oriented OTN product, OptiX OSN 9800 K36; the pioneering intelligent OLT product, OptiXaccess MA5800T; and the innovative FTTR+X product, iFTTR OptiXstar F50. These optical solutions are designed to propel the development of ultra-broadband backbone networks, 10G access, and all-optical smart home scenarios, heralding the commercial use of F5.5G.

Against the backdrop of ETSI’s release of the F5G Advanced Generation Definition in November 2023, Huawei has been at the forefront of F5.5G innovation and implementation. Collaborating with leading operators worldwide, Huawei has spearheaded the adoption of key F5.5G technologies such as Wi-Fi 7, 50G PON, 400G, 800G backbone networks, and OXC.

Bob Chen underscored the critical role of 10G connectivity in advancing intelligent applications, citing the proliferation of 10Giga City initiatives worldwide. To support further F5.5G development, Bob Chen emphasized the imperative for operators to construct an F5.5G all-optical target network, characterized by the “1+3+4” core features:

1 network goal: 10Gbps ultra broadband

3 network capabilities: 10Gbps ubiquitous access, metro network latency reduction to 1ms, and backbone network achieving 99.9999 percent availability

4 network architecture: backbone network deploying 400G and 800G OTN, metro network utilizing 100G to COs, access network employing 50G PON to homes and enterprises, and room connections supporting 10Gbps.

To realize this vision, Huawei introduced three innovative all-optical products tailored to meet the demands of F5.5G network construction:

Ultra-broadband backbone: OptiX OSN 9800 K36, the industry’s first DC-oriented OTN product, boasts unparalleled capabilities including single-wavelength 1.6Tbps transmission, innovative dual-3D orthogonal architecture, and built-in intelligent fault analysis unit, ensuring superior network performance and availability.

10G access: OptiXaccess MA5800T, the industry’s first intelligent OLT product, offers enhanced capacity of up to 2T per slot, compatibility with existing GPON and 10G PON, and E2E deterministic latency and jitter for premium services, enabling seamless transition to 10G ultra broadband.

All-optical smart home: iFTTR OptiXstar F50, the industry’s first FTTR+X product, elevates the digital home experience with features such as C-WAN architecture with Wi-Fi 7, accurate clock synchronization for minimal roaming handover time, and built-in storage and computing unit for enhanced functionality and user convenience.

Bob Chen concluded by affirming Huawei’s commitment to driving the commercial adoption of F5.5G and ushering in a new era of fixed network innovation. With these groundbreaking products, Huawei aims to empower operators to build robust F5.5G all-optical target networks, expand service boundaries, and propel the world towards an intelligent future.