MWC 2024: Huawei Unveils Net5.5G Solutions, Pioneering Next-Gen Network Evolution

During Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024, Leon Wang, President of Huawei’s Data Communication Product Line, unveiled the Net5.5G-oriented products and solutions, marking a significant leap forward in network evolution.
Leo Wang of Huawei @ MWC 2024Leon Wang highlighted the emergence of new ultra-broadband applications such as immersive terminals and AIGC, underscoring the transformative potential these innovations bring to carriers.

Huawei, in collaboration with industry partners, laid the groundwork for the Net5.5G target network architecture in 2023. This architecture encompasses key capabilities including ubiquitous 10 Gbps access, 400GE converged transport, hyper-converged data centers, and network autonomy and self-optimization.

Under the theme “Bringing Net5.5G into Reality, Inspire New Growth,” Huawei launched four tailored solutions at the event, covering mobile backhaul, enterprise campus, converged transport, and data center network, aimed at bolstering carriers’ business success.

Net5.5G Solutions Overview:

Net5.5G Mobile Backhaul: Huawei emphasized the importance of ultra-broadband as the foundation for an unparalleled user experience. The solution focuses on upgrading the access ring of mobile backhaul to 100GE to meet the demands of ultra-broadband applications.

Huawei’s base station routers provide comprehensive access capabilities with flexible options ranging from 25/50/100 to 400GE, ensuring optimal network construction with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). Leveraging Network Digital Map technology, the solution offers industry-leading application-level experience visualization and optimization, paving the way for enhanced user experience monetization.

Net5.5G High-Quality 10 Gbps Campus: With carriers expanding their service offerings to encompass enterprise campus networks, Huawei introduces the world’s first all-scenario Wi-Fi 7 series products.

These products enable carriers to enhance their competitive edge through high-density access, video experience assurance, and intelligent O&M facilitated by Network Digital Map technology, accelerating their transition from ISPs to managed service providers (MSPs).

Net5.5G Converged Transport: Huawei aims to unlock new value propositions for carriers by consolidating multiple services onto a single network. The solution leverages high-density 400GE technology to support numerous 10Gbps connections in metro and core networks. Tenant-level slicing private lines, low-latency path selection, and application-level visualization facilitate network servitization, driving network resource monetization and revenue growth.

Net5.5G Hyper-Converged DCN: Huawei introduces computing power leasing services to complement existing IDC equipment room and private cloud offerings. Utilizing high-density 800GE data center network (DCN) technology, Huawei delivers efficient computing power with plug-and-play functionality, significantly reducing deployment times. The NSLB algorithm enhances network throughput and training efficiency, further bolstering carrier capabilities.