MWC 2024: Hutchison Telecom and Huawei Collaborate on Green 5.5G Strategy

Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong and Huawei have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at pioneering a 5.5G green strategy collaboration.
Hutchison Telecom and Huawei CollaborateThe partnership entails HTHK’s adoption of an artificial intelligence (AI) energy-saving solution provided by Huawei. This solution is poised to revolutionize the energy efficiency of 5G base stations in Hong Kong, with the ultimate goal of achieving a “zero bit, zero watt” energy-saving benchmark.

Additionally, the collaboration between Hutchison Telecom and Huawei will focus on driving sustainable development within the telecom industry by advocating for green mobile network initiatives and exploring innovative 5.5G applications tailored to the Hong Kong market.

Kenny Koo, Executive Director and CEO of Hutchison Telecom, highlighted the integration of sustainable practices into operational frameworks, citing the adoption of advanced AI energy-saving solutions and efficient antenna components as pivotal measures aimed at reducing energy consumption while maintaining exceptional customer experiences.

Yu Yang, President of SRAN Product Line at Huawei, echoed Koo’s sentiments, stressing the importance of the collaboration in fostering sustainable telecom development and green network deployment. Huawei pledges to leverage its three-decade-long expertise in ICT technology to support HTHK’s efforts in establishing an intelligent and eco-friendly 5.5G network infrastructure.

Hutchison Telecom plans to implement the AI energy-saving solution across base stations in phases, commencing in the first quarter of 2024. By leveraging AI capabilities to manage network traffic efficiently, the solution will automatically transition the network to a smart energy-saving mode during low-traffic periods, resulting in a projected reduction of approximately 400,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

In areas with high network traffic, Hutchison Telecom will deploy Huawei’s MetaAAU energy-saving antenna, designed to minimize power consumption using the innovative “zero bit, zero watt” wireless energy-saving approach. Preliminary trials have demonstrated promising results, with network power consumption during idle periods measuring below 10 watts.

The implementation of the AI-driven system ensures swift responses to fluctuations in network traffic, guaranteeing uninterrupted service and a seamless user experience. HTHK is currently conducting pre-commercial trials of the energy-saving solution in New Territories East, with plans for wider rollout across other areas in the first quarter of 2024.