MWC 2024: Mavenir Unveils New OpenBeam mMIMO with Qualcomm QRU100 5G RAN Platform

Mavenir, the Network Software Provider, has revealed significant advancements in its OpenBeam massive MIMO (mMIMO) portfolio, powered by Qualcomm QRU100 5G RAN platform.
mMIMO 32TRX Active Antenna UnitsThe additions to the OpenBeam portfolio include the introduction of the low-power next-generation 32TRX mMIMO variant, alongside a high-power 32TRX AAU. These next-generation mMIMO 32TRX Active Antenna Units (AAUs) represent a breakthrough in open and interoperable radio technology, designed with a focus on environmental sustainability.

The OpenBeam mMIMO AAUs boast exceptional energy efficiency, offering one of the most compact footprints in the industry and promising significant operational expenditure (Opex) savings for network operators.

In addition to meeting the current O-RAN 7.2b specification, these products are engineered to support ULPI (Uplink Performance Improvement), enabling network operators to enhance uplink performance, minimize latency, and reduce fronthaul bandwidth, particularly in densely populated urban areas where network capacity demands are at their peak.

The new portfolio comprises two distinct models tailored to accelerate 5G mid-band rollouts:

32TRX AAU Low Power Model: Featuring a remarkably low footprint, this variant delivers 200W output power with 128 antenna elements, achieving unparalleled energy efficiency. Optimized for deployment in dense environments, it facilitates faster installations and reduces operational overheads.

32TRX AAU High Power Model: Mavenir’s high-performance mMIMO AAU boasts 320W output power and accommodates 192 antenna elements. With support for larger instantaneous bandwidth and extended coverage, it is an ideal solution for RAN sharing deployments.

Moreover, the 32TRX AAU solutions incorporate advanced energy-saving features, including smart sleep-mode schemes activated during idle, low, and busy hour traffic, further augmented by AI/ML-based intelligence.

Paco Martin, Head of Open RAN at Vodafone Group, expressed satisfaction with the expansion of Mavenir’s mMIMO portfolio, emphasizing its compatibility with footprint-constrained sites and its contribution to delivering superior customer experiences.

BG Kumar, President of Access Networks, Platforms, and MDE at Mavenir, highlighted the company’s commitment to setting new industry standards in energy efficiency, sustainability, and performance through the ongoing evolution of its OpenBeam massive MIMO radio solutions.

Gerardo Giaretta, Vice President of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, has praised the extension of Mavenir’s portfolio of high-performing and power-efficient Massive MIMO Radios, powered by the Qualcomm QRU100 5G RAN Platform, underscoring the collaborative efforts driving the widespread adoption of Open and Virtualized RAN technologies.