MWC Shanghai: ZTE launches 5G/FTTH dual-mode home gateway

At Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019, ZTE announced the launch of the world’s first 5G/FTTH dual-mode home gateway designed to deliver gigabit broadband experience in multiple scenarios.

The solution is compatible with the 5G networks of high bandwidth, low latency and massive connections, as well as   high-speed, stable and economical FTTH networks, the company said.

The solution can be used to achieve full coverage in areas not covered by fiber. Under this scenario, it takes only around 35 seconds to download a 3 GB movie, which is 46 times faster than that in the current 4G LTE networks. In areas covered by fiber, users can switch to the more stable and economical FTTH network, ZTE claims.

On the user side, ZTE’s 5G/FTTH dual-mode home gateway supports Wi-Fi 6 and 12 Wi-Fi spatial streams, providing physical rates of up to 6 Gbps, which is five times the speed of mainstream AC1200 home gateways. The product also supports Bluetooth and Zigbee and can be easily connected to a large number of devices to offer smart home services.

At the heart of the hardware is an advanced antenna array, which ensures that different RF signals, including 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee, do not interfere with each other, ZTE said.

FTTH CPE has been a strong focus area for ZTE. In 2018, ZTE ranked second worldwide in terms of the market share of FTTH CPE, according to HIS report.